Questions about our product? Let’s see if we can help…

Coconut oil has seen a huge surge in popularity with potential benefits of using it for everything from teeth whitening to baking. However, solid coconut oil has its limitations and we wanted to create a liquid product that is versatile.

As our liquid coconut oil blend is quite a unique product, we thought we'd answer some of the questions our customers have. If you have any questions about Pura, please do contact us.

How long does Pura last once it’s opened? and how should it be stored?

Pura is best stored away from light and heat, and it’s important to replace the cap securely. Once opened it will keep until its BBE if stored correctly.

How is your coconut oil blend processed?

The coconut oil is fully refined and blended with rapeseed and sunflower oils using a process called interesterification, which helps to keep the liquid consistency of the oil. The refining process keeps the oil stable at higher temperatures and leaves a clean tasting oil suitable for frying and baking.

Is Pura coconut blend nut free?

Our coconut blend is nut free, (note coconuts are classed as a fruit).

Can I use Pura coconut oil on my skin?

The intended use of Pura Coconut Blend is for cooking, however a number of customers do like to use raw coconut oil on their skin. Using Pura Coconut Blend on the skin should not cause any harm however as it is a refined oil blend it does not offer any particular benefits or scent.

What process is used in the production of organic oil?

The oil is simply crushed in a mill without using any chemicals before undergoing refining through steam process so that no chemicals are used in the process and the seed is organically farmed. Our products are accredited by the Soil Association.

How many calories per spray is your spray oil?

One spray is approximately 2 calories.

Please can I check if your oils are suitable for vegans?

Our Pura Oil products (Coconut Blend and Organics) are all suitable for vegans/vegetarians.