1 October 2018 |

Plogging: Get Fit and do your bit for the environment

Pack away those fluffy fireside socks! Hold off on the candlelit porridge! Yep, forget hygge – because there’s a new Scandinavian feel-good trend taking the world by storm.


Meet plogging, your new favourite way to get fit AND do your bit for the environment at the same time

Here at Pura, we love trying new things…even if those things are a little out there. This eco-friendly exercise phenomenon, which combines jogging with a spot of rubbish collection, certainly caught our attention. We’ve got the inside scoop so you can give it a go.

So, what exactly IS plogging?

This peppy portmanteau comes from the Swedish plocka upp (pick up) or plocka skräp (pick up litter) and jogga (jog). 

People have been clearing up the odd crisp packet or discarded drinks bottle while out running or dog-walking for years, but it’s only recently been given a name.

Umm… why?

Cleaning up your local green spaces is a great way to look after the planet’s health as well as your own.

Not only will you enjoy all the usual benefits from running, but squatting to scoop up plastic is a real thigh and reaching for placcy bags tangled in tree branches could make it a full body workout.

It’s also loads of fun! Exercising with friends offers social and emotional benefits by the bin lorry load.[1] And as you zig-zag around your local streets and parks with your sack of trashy treasure bouncing along behind you, like community-spirited eco-Santas, you won’t be able to stop laughing!

What do you need to get started?

All you need are a pair of trainers, a strong rubbish bag and gloves you don’t mind getting dirty. Grab a few mates for company, and you’re ready to hit the streets.

What else can we do to help rid our neighbourhoods of rubbish?

While plogging is a step in the right direction (ha!), there are heaps of ways to help reduce rubbish overall. Reducing the amount of packaging we use and recycling bottles and tubs where we can are both great ways to support the bigger mission.

We all know that too much plastic rubbish is thrown away every year – that’s why at Pura, we’re committed to playing our part too. We’re super focused on increasing the recycled content of our plastic packaging, and are exploring ways to replace it with packaging that’s less harmful to the environment.

Any other kinds of exercise with a social mission we should know about?

If you like the idea of socially conscious exercise, but don’t fancy getting your hands dirty with other people’s rubbish, there are loads of ways to get active and give back at the same time.

How about walking with older people to tackle loneliness, or paying it forward with a charity run or cycle ride?

Social media is a good place to find out what’s happening in your area.

And after all that exercise, you’ll be ready for something tasty to eat! Fuel your run with a nourishing meal like our brand new recipe for Roasted Spiced Cauliflower Wholegrain Buddah Bowl, made with Pura liquid coconut oil.



[1] Livestrong. Social and emotional benefits of regular exercise. https://www.livestrong.com/article/477451-social-emotional-benefits-of-regular-exercise/