General |  17 October 2017 |

Build your cold and flu defences with these 7 tips

Leaves are turning, household thermostat wars are advancing and Strictly and X Factor are in full swing. You know what that means. Winter is coming.


Coughs and colds are more prevalent in the winter, so fend off the bugs with these 7 tips for winter-proofing your immune system.

  1. Drink plenty of water. Everyone knows it’s important to stay hydrated, but when it’s cold outside, plain water seems a bit ‘blah’. Liven it up with lemon, cucumber or strawberry slices, or have it hot with fresh ginger or mint. Not only will this boost the body’s defences, it’ll plump up tired winter skin. Bonus.

  2. Get out and get active. You might feel like hibernating for the next few months, but exercise releases endorphins and boosts your virus-fighting capacity. Reap double the benefits if you work out with friends – studies show that people who socialize regularly have a stronger immune response. Even better, take it outside: a brisk walk will blow the cobwebs away and give you a much-needed dose of vitamin D.

  3. Don’t burn the candle at both ends. Stress is a major cold culprit. That last minute rush to meet deadlines before the holidays is wreaking havoc on your immune system. Reduce stress by taking time to do things you enjoy, hanging out with friends, or relaxing with massage or meditation.

  4. Wash your hands. And wash them again. Yeah, yeah. We know YOU wash your hands, but what about the person that touched the door handle before you? The number one way of avoiding winter bugs is by washing your hands thoroughly. And if you’re the one with the cold? Lather up before your office looks like an episode of the Walking Dead.

  5. Catch some extra zzzs. Lack of sleep is a surefire way to let down your flu defences. Recharge your batteries and your immune system with a decent night’s sleep. Catnaps allowed. You have our permission.

  6. Keep your nose warm! Yes, really. The common cold virus thrives at cooler temperatures, and your nose is often the coldest part of your body when temperatures drop. Dig out your favourite scarf, wrap up warm, and avoid sudden changes in temperature. When indoors, keep your body temperature up with some hearty and healthy warming soup. How about making your own roasted veggie soup with our Pura coconut oil blend? And while we’re on the subject… 

  7. Eat your greens. Eating a healthy balanced diet packed with fruit and veg will supercharge your immune system. Fish, lean meat and healthy fats will boost your intake of flu-fighting vitamins and minerals. Chilli and garlic are thought to be particularly effective at staving off colds (sure, no one will want to get near you, but that’s fine, they can keep their germs). How about adding some to our Pura Chicken, Pepper and Noodle Stir-Fry?

So there’s no need to hide under a duvet for the next few months – follow these 7 tips and you’ll make it through the winter without a sniffle. For more info about cooking with liquid coconut oil, check out our range of products.