28 November 2017 |

Improve your circulation with these 6 feel-good tips

Been feeling a bit sluggish lately? Are your hands like ice, even when the heating’s on? It could be down to poor circulation. A healthy circulatory system nourishes our whole body and helps us feel good.[1] Show it some TLC with these 6 health-boosting tactics.


But first, the science bit!

This clever system allows your heart to pump blood around your body, taking oxygen and nutrients to all your major organs.[2] If your circulatory system is operating under par, it won’t be long before you feel under the weather.[3]

Improving your circulation will not only help you feel more alert, you’ll be better able to fight off infection.[4] You’ll be less likely to experience muscle cramps, and as a bonus, you’ll have lovely rosy cheeks![5]

(But remember, you should always speak to your doctor if you’re worried about any health issues.)

6 easy ways to boost your circulation

  1. Keep your body moving! Regular exercise gets the blood pumping, whether it’s a sweaty gym sesh or a regular stroll round the park.[6] The important bit is to keep moving – try to avoid sitting or standing for too long (desk workers take note)[7]. One big habit to ditch is sitting cross-legged, which can restrict blood flow to the lower legs.[8]
  2. Drink plenty of water. If you’re dehydrated, you might find yourself noticing some of the symptoms of poor circulation.[9] Why not try hot water with a slice of lemon and some ginger to stay hydrated during the cold winter months?
  3. Quit smoking. There are plenty of reasons to give up the cigarettes, but here’s one more! The toxins found in cigarettes can limit the circulation of oxygen in the blood, potentially leading to higher blood pressure.[10] Give your health and bank balance a boost by stopping smoking. You can put the money you save towards our next tip…
  4. Treat yourself to a massage. Now here’s a habit we can really get excited about! Deep massage gets the blood flowing AND reduces stress.[11] Need any more reasons to spoil yourself after a long day of Christmas shopping?
  5. Keep warm. Increase blood flow to the legs and feet by keeping them warm in winter.[12] Dig out your favourite leg warmers and woolly socks and keep those toes toasty. Time to drop an early Christmas hint to the knitters in your family?
  6. Eat a Mediterranean diet. One of the best things we can do for our overall health is to eat well, and the Mediterranean diet ticks all the right boxes: rich in fish, vegetables, fruit, olive oil and nuts.[13] How about trying out our brand new tasty winter recipe, Go-With-The-Grain Feta and Sweet Potato Supper, made using Pura oil?  

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