General |  20 November 2017 |

5 amazing kitchen gadgets that will change your life (especially if you're short on time!)

Sure, a home-cooked meal may be kinder to your waist line and wallet than a quick-grab pizza, but when you’ve been working late and the hunger gremlins are prowling, you want dinner NOW.


We’ve got you sorted. Check out these 5 must-have kitchen gadgets that will make those last-minute meals a breeze.

And don’t worry, we’re not talking about fancy bread makers that cost as much as a small car (and who has time to make their own sourdough anyway?) – these fantastic foodie fixes are all great value too.

1. Blender
Our first must-have is a decent blender. In a rush first thing? Chuck in some fruit and yoghurt and you’ve got a speedy breakfast smoothie. In late from work? Whizz up some veg and stock for a healthy soup in minutes. Now that’s our kind of fast food.
2. Slow cooker or crock pot
The crock pot is a true superhero of culinary convenience, earnestly preparing casseroles, chillis, roasts and soups when you’re not even at home. Turn it on the morning and your delicious dinner will be ready to serve as soon as you walk in the door. Get even more bang for your buck by making extra portions to freeze, so you’ve always got a healthy, hearty dinner in an instant.
3. Quintuple-bladed herb scissors
Slice and dice like a pro with these nifty snippers. These sci-fi herb scissors come with 10 blades so you can chop herbs in a fifth of the time, without any need for a chopping board. Hey, every little helps, right?
4. Cupcake corer
We couldn’t resist this one! If you need last minute sweet treats for the school bake sale or the office bake-off, filled cupcakes will be sure to impress. This tool removes the centre of the cupcake so you can fill it with whatever goodies you like. Trust us, it’s not just for kids.
5. Wok
No list of time-saving tools would be complete without a non-stick wok. Inexpensive and versatile, a wok is perfect for making everything from egg fried rice to pop corn. How about trying our Chicken, Pepper and Noodle Stir Fry, made with Pura Liquid Coconut Oil?
6. Bonus tip! Keep your empty jam jars.
Yeah, we know these aren’t really a gadget, and no one’s going to get excited about finding one in their Christmas stocking, but empty jars are a time-saving triumph. Fill them with yogurt, berries and oats and leave overnight for a delish breakfast, store leftover dressing to liven up a quick salad, or use as work-top storage so all your cooking essentials are within easy reach.

These are just a few of our favourite time-saving tools that put the fun in functional for those weeknight dinners in a hurry.

And with Christmas just around the corner, we’re sure you’ll want to keep a few gadgety gifts in mind for the busy chefs in your life (maybe not the jam jars though, eh?).

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