It's no secret that coconut oil has loads of uses – it feels like every time we search the web there's another novel use for it that we've never even thought of. But our passion is in food and how we can bring the best blend of ingredients together to join you on your culinary adventures. We are now able to bring you coconut oil blended with hi-oleic sunflower and rapeseed oils that make our liquid coconut oil pourable and easy to use.

“Why blend?” people ask us. “Why not just make liquid coconut oil?” Well, it's simple really. You can melt coconut oil – but its molecular structure makes it go solid again once it cools down. But we have created a special blend that stays liquid and brings you a host of other benefits too.

Liquid consistency

No need for messy spoons of fat, just pop off the lid and pour or spray.

Improved cooking results

The hi-oleic sunflower oil lets the blend cope with much higher temperatures than regular coconut oil, perfect for when you need it hot like with steaks and stir-fries. Find out what cooking adventures you can have with Pura Coconut here!

Lower in saturated fat

than traditional coconut oil.

High in mono-unsaturated fats

Replacing dietary saturated fats with unsaturated fats helps your body maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.

Source of Omega 3

The rapeseed oil is high in Omega 3, which helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.


An oil you can use for all your cooking needs – check out our recipe page for some tasty ideas.

Zero coconut flavour

won't impart flavour to your food so you can enjoy the taste exactly as it's meant to be.